Morgan is an in-demand keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with experience on over a hundred stages. She has trained college students and professionals across all industries on how to increase their performance through their image.


Wardrobe choices are not just about the outside appearance. The way you look is often a reflection of the deeper image of you. Morgan offers workshops and presentations to empower men and women from the inside out and to help them see how their wardrobe choices impact all areas of their lives. With honesty and practicality, Morgan uncovers how costly common wardrobe mistakes can be to the bottom line, and most importantly, provides easy solutions.

Companies Morgan has worked with

Authentically Showing Up

By gaining a deeper awareness of how gender, race and image impact personal branding, attendees will be equipped to show up as their “Authentically Appropriate” selves, thereby creating an inclusive corporate culture. 

Worthiness Within Your Wardrobe: How to Show Up with Power & Presence

Open to women of all professional levels, this workshop covers how to build a wardrobe that exudes Executive Presence without sacrificing style or femininity.

Maximizing the 7:60

Centered around each company’s culture and dress code, this session provides tangible and affordable ways to maximize the first seven seconds of a first impression.

Body Love

Ladies, you cannot dress what you do not first accept. This transformative workshop focuses not only on how to dress each unique body type but also on forgiving, accepting and loving your current size and shape.

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Media Kit

October 2019

Google Mountainview & NYC Offices

Executive Style is important in Tech! During these sessions engineers learned how to communicate confidence through image and presentation skills

June 2019

Mercedes Benz Atlanta Corporate Office

By creating a personal brand, the teams of MBUSA learned how to stand out for the right reasons

May & August 2019

Chick-fil-a Atlanta Corporate Office

From interns to executives to restaurant managers, each Executive Style workshop is tailored to fit the unique needs of the audience.

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