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The Worthy Wardrobe

by Morgan A. Wider

This book is going to change how you think about clothes and yourself. Part memoir and part guidebook, it features Morgan’s personal evolution that led to where she is now—transforming the wardrobes, mentalities, and lives of women across the world.

  • “A woman’s closet is a story of her life, each hanger holds a chapter, each shelf another sentence. What Morgan does…is make us look forward to walking into our closet, without judgment…knowing we’ll always chose the ending of our story.”
    Jovita Moore, Emmy Award Winning Local News Anchor
  • “Through her words and her actions, Morgan offers every person she interacts with a gift—and that gift is letting you know that you are seen. Beyond encouraging you to embrace your unique sense of style unapologetically, and giving thoughtful insight on how to develop that style, Morgan knows how to help you be confident in who you be. And truly, what greater gift is there than that?”
    Elayne Fluker, Author of Get Over ‘I Got It!’ and Host of the “Support is Sexy” Podcast
  • “Morgan is a true professional with a passion to share what being a ‘stylish’ woman means to all women. The most valued service she provides to the women we work with is how she always models what a smart, successful woman should look like, sound like, and act like. Kudos to Morgan for sharing her insight in her book!”
    Susan Bonds-McCulloch, Executive Director, Dress for Success-Atlanta

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