How Not to Make a Regretful Purchase

Written on November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving My Friend,

I hope you’ve had a safe holiday filled with good food and gratitude.  Speaking of being full, I’m sure your inbox has been bombarded with all kinds of tempting Black Friday sale emails.  It’s officially Sale Shopping Season!   

Before you make an impulsive purchase, I want to provide you with my top 2 tips to make the most of online shopping: 

1.    Do Not Click if You Can’t Commit 
I’ve been in way too many closets that were full of too small/too big/too ugly items that that client’s didn’t bother returning.  That wasted money truly makes my heart hurt.

Committing to online shopping means making sure everything is returnable, but also being willing to do what it takes to get your money back. Whether it’s going to the store or the post office, make sure you commit to the process.  Thankfully many retailers extend their return window until after the holidays so you have time, but again, check the return policy.  

If you’re brave and willing to try the “boutiques” advertising on social media, be OK with wasting a few bucks if the items aren’t as expected (as they usually aren’t). Many times shipping the item back costs more than the item itself so you’re better off giving the item away.  Don’t keep it in your closet and allow it to take up space!

2.    Order multiple sizes.  
This is especially true for shoes and pants.  If you’re the familiar with the brand and the item, then there’s probably no need, but if it’s something new, then save yourself the hassle of exchanging/waiting for the next size to arrive.  Knowing your measurements can’t insure a perfect fit, as often size charts are standard and not to the specific item or even brand.  Just order two, while being prepared to return.  

I hope these tips help you score some amazing deals, but I want to remind you that  a bargain is only a bargain if you’re actually going to wear it.   Don’t get caught up in the hype and end up with a bunch of items you don’t love or don’t fit your body, personality or lifestyle.

Have a blessed and peaceful holiday weekend!

Yours in Style, Shopping and Soul,

© . Morgan Wider.